Third Party Payroll

As a leading third party payroll specialist we help businesses establish greater efficiency and growth in their company be taking over the core function of all employee related functions. It covers offer letter, collecting offer requisition, joining follow ups and processing formalities and documentation.

Our services also cover leave and timesheet tracking, online tax reports, IT declaration, online salary slip, Form 16, on time payment disbursement, handling payroll/tax queries, etc.

We also ensure that all statutory compliances are met such as Provident Fund, Professional Tax,

ESIC, Income Tax, Bonus, Gratuity, etc.

We also handle the process of employee exit management effectively. When an employee leaves the company we ensure all dues are cleared in full and final settlement, in addition to ensuring that relieving letter/experience letter have been issued to the employee.

The elimination of payroll burden will help you to minimise your overhead costs as well as increase productivity by enabling employees to better manage their time and workflows. What’s more is that we act as a single point of contact for all employee related queries and issues that arise and are resolved at our level leaving you hassle free to carry on your business tasks effectively.